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Floor Globe Zoffoli Vertigo


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Embrace the intersection of contemporary style and traditional artisanship with the Zoffoli Vertigo Floor Globe. A manifestation of excellence and innovation, the Vertigo is not just a geographical representation but a statement piece that resonates with the modern era while paying homage to classic Italian craftsmanship.

The globe itself is a marvel of cartographic expertise. With meticulously detailed mapping, it captures the nuances of the world’s geographies, from vast continents to intricate boundaries. Each region is depicted with utmost precision, ensuring that it is both a reliable educational tool and a visual delight. The choice of colors, while maintaining authenticity, brings forth a fresh perspective, making it a standout in any setting.

An immediate standout feature of the Zoffoli Vertigo is its design. Clean lines, coupled with a minimalist stand, provide the globe with a floating appearance, encapsulating the essence of modern design aesthetics. Yet, this contemporary style does not overshadow the product’s roots. The unmistakable touch of Italian artistry is evident in every curve and detail, a testimony to Zoffoli’s commitment to preserving traditional craftsmanship in a rapidly evolving world.

Functionality is harmoniously intertwined with design in the Vertigo. The stand, beyond being a visual anchor, also integrates a handy lower shelf. This thoughtfully incorporated feature offers space for decor elements, books, or even global artifacts, seamlessly blending utility with elegance.

At the heart of the Zoffoli Vertigo Floor Globe is a narrative of passion. Passion for exploration, for art, and for excellence. This is evident in its construction, its design, and its overall presence. It’s more than just a globe; it’s an embodiment of a legacy, a conversation starter, and a testament to the beauty that arises when modernity and tradition converge.

Incorporate the Zoffoli Vertigo into your space, and you introduce not just a decorative piece but a story of global wonder, Italian heritage, and design innovation. Perfect for homes, offices, or institutions, the Vertigo promises to elevate any space it inhabits, becoming a focal point of admiration and intellectual curiosity.

* Self-assembly item

The Zoffoli company was founded in 1949 by Italo Zoffoli, who started his craft activity in the center of Rimini. In his workshop, he processed furniture elements, and in his free time, he created unique globes, carving them by hand and using watercolors painted by his daughter. His love for geography meant that over time he created a brand of exclusive products known all over the world.

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Measurements75 × 60 × 130 cm
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