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Floor Globe Zoffoli Vega Natural


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The Floor Globe Vega Natural stands as an ode to the enchanting beauty of our world, brought to life with impeccable design and superior craftsmanship. Embodying the essence of nature, it offers an immersive experience, transporting you on a global journey right from the comfort of your space.

Upon first glance, the Vega Natural captivates with its authentic cartography. This isn’t just a representation; it’s an intimate portrayal of the Earth in all its geographical splendor. Every detail, from the sprawling landscapes of continents to the intricate lines demarcating countries, has been rendered with precision and clarity. The natural color palette used exudes warmth, invoking the raw, untouched beauty of terrains, seas, and forests. It’s a visual delight for geographers, travelers, and anyone with an insatiable curiosity about our planet.

Supporting this exquisite globe is a stand crafted with an equal measure of elegance and functionality. Its minimalist design, inspired by nature, provides a sturdy base while ensuring the globe remains the star attraction. The fine lines and the use of natural materials in the stand reflect a design ethos that values simplicity, stability, and sustainability.

An additional feature that elevates the Vega Natural’s utility quotient is the incorporation of a lower shelf. This space can be used to display travel memorabilia, store reference books, or even showcase beautiful artifacts. The seamless integration of this shelf into the overall design accentuates the globe’s appeal, making it as functional as it is decorative.

Beyond its physical attributes, the Floor Globe Vega Natural carries an ethos. It speaks of a reverence for our planet, a deep appreciation for the art of cartography, and a dedication to quality craftsmanship. Every detail, from the globe’s surface to its base, tells a tale of passion, precision, and artistry.

* Self-assembly item

The Zoffoli company was founded in 1949 by Italo Zoffoli, who started his craft activity in the center of Rimini. In his workshop, he processed furniture elements, and in his free time, he created unique globes, carving them by hand and using watercolors painted by his daughter. His love for geography meant that over time he created a brand of exclusive products known all over the world.

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Measurements74 × 74 × 131 cm
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