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Top Picks for Vintage Home Decor Accents


Our Projects – See What Gifts Our Customers Have Chosen 


Cognac Table Lamp in Art Deco Style Realization for a Netflix Film Production

An elegant Art Deco table lamp, a project carried out for Netflix as part of a film production. An original product of great quality, made with precision…

Bronze Sculpture with Engraved Dedication Gift for the Ruby Anniversary 40 Years Together

A unique gift from children and grandchildren for a couple celebrating 40 years together, a beautiful bronze sculpture of modernist dancers…

Thanks to the Team from Mr. Marek Piwowski Director of the film “The Cruise”

Copies of the film “The Cruise” by Polish director Marek Piwowski as a thank you for customer service. Unique editions of a cult Polish film with a special…

Cavalry Saber with Scabbard Engraved Souvenir of Joint Service for a CBA Employee

A beautiful replica of the Polish Ludwikowka saber with the engraving “God Honor Homeland” as a gift for a departing CBA employee…

Engraved Diploma Thanks for the Preschooler from Parents and Children

A beautiful diploma as a form of thanks to the distinguished kindergarten teacher from all parents and children. An amazing souvenir for life…

Sculptures for Individual Order Golden Lions for the Sales Leader of the Year 2023

Beautiful, gold-plated sculptures as a form of award for the sales leader in 2023 for a company from the construction industry. Amazing…

Themis Lady Justice Bronze Sculpture with Engraved Dedication

A bronze sculpture made with precision down to the smallest detail, depicting Themis, the Greek goddess of justice, complemented…

Elegant Engraved Diploma in Case Thanks for Development of Volunteer Fire Department

A beautiful souvenir in the form of an engraved diploma placed in a special, elegant case. A gift given as a thank you for your contribution to the…

New Additions: Retro Garden Miniatures and Home Decor



Online Shopping for Antique Home Décor: Bronze Sculptures, Statues, and Collectible Figurines


Our online store specializing in classic Home Décor Accents emerged from a profound appreciation for interior design, seeking to cater to our clientele’s sophisticated tastes. For those in pursuit of timeless, vintage style, our collection offers a union of unique ambiance with high-caliber products. Recognizing the ever-increasing desire to enhance living spaces, our focus remains on harmonizing our surroundings — encapsulating the wonder, beauty, and ambiance that both we and our patrons relish, whether at home, in offices, or public establishments.

Unveiling Unique Vintage Home Décor Accents

In our digital showcase of Antique Home Decor, you’ll find an expansive selection designed to gracefully amplify the charm of your rooms, instilling them with distinct personality. Our offerings include:

– Bronze Sculptures and Statues, curated and signed, which portray various themes: hunting, mythological, equestrian, religious, modernist, and pieces that pay homage to celebrated artists.
– Hand-crafted glass Figurines reminiscent of Murano style, featuring aquatic, avian, and other figures.
– Cast iron Garden Sculptures & Statues, renowned for their sturdiness and weather-resilient nature.
– Exquisite porcelain, glassware, and ornate dining decor, perfect for gifting on nuptial occasions.
– Ambient Decorative Candle Lanterns and lamps tailored for both homes and offices, available in styles such as art deco, Murano, Tiffany stained glass, and more.
– Diverse oil paintings, spanning classical, urban, landscapes, maritime and more.
– Engraved Polish sabers, ideal gift sets for notable occasions.
– Detailed metal models of transportation, making perfect gifts for vehicular enthusiasts.
– Elaborate wooden models of renowned ships, ideal for both home and office display.
– Premium chess sets, perfect for both novice and seasoned players.

And an array of Retro Home Décor Accents and garden accessories.

Vintage Collectibles and Home Décor Accents

The majority of our collection resonates with vintage and classic aesthetics. Yet, their versatility ensures compatibility with diverse interior themes. Each piece, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, often boasts collector’s appeal. We pride ourselves not just on their unparalleled design but also on the unmatched quality of craftsmanship. Our wide-ranging product spectrum aims to inspire, often emerging as the perfect gifting solution for diverse occasions.

Prioritizing exceptional service, we continually diversify our Retro and Antique Home Décor collection, routinely adding more vintage home decor items. We also offer specialized saber engraving services. Always attentive to our customers’ feedback, our commitment ensures an ever-growing community of satisfied and devoted customers.



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