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Decorative Daggers and Hunting Knives

The knife is one of the oldest tools and inventions made by man, which from the beginning was used to obtain food. Since prehistoric times, knives have helped hunters not only hunt game, but also collect or eat fruits, vegetables, plants and mushrooms. Today, this type of tool has many types, uses and functions. One of them will be a hunting knife, used mainly as a hunting aid, but not only. The hunting dagger can also be a decoration beautifully ornamented with animal motifs, adding an amazing atmosphere to the interior. Thanks to its uniqueness and special forest appearance, it is also a perfect gift for a hunter, forester or soldier, which can be supplemented with an engraved dedication on stand. The short sword is a special weapon. It is a ceremonial weapon, it can be a determinant of a military rank, office, function or membership in a specific organization. In Poland, it is still worn by officers as a distinctive uniformed weapon, which only proves the importance of a gift it can mean.

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