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Glass Figures and Vases

It is believed that Venetian Glass has been in production for over 1500 years, and its cradle is the small Italian island of Murano. These sophisticated ‘glass works of art’ are known all over the world. Figurines in the style of Venetian Murano glass are handcrafted in traditional Italian manufactories and depict mainly animals, but also they are typically abstract figures. Murano-style vases have fancy shapes, often ending in a wavy edge or pointed insets. These unique glass figures and vases sparkle with many colors or glass inlays, which are embedded in them. But Venetian glass is not everything. Our offer also includes exclusive, hand-made vases based on artworks by Émile Gallé. He was an artist and designer from France. This master of artistic glass-making in the nineteenth century worked mainly in glass and is considered a revolutionist and innovator in the French Art Nouveau trend. In addition to creating art from glass, he also designed furniture. His glass art was based on the ancient technique of the so-called Cameo glass. Cameo glass is a luxurious form of glass art made by etching and carving through molten layers of different colored glass to create decorations. The technique was first observed in ancient Roman art around 30 B.C. Exclusive glassware, whether in the Murano or Gallé style, is an unforgettable gift for a mother, a grandmother, or an aunt.

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