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Murano Style Figurines

Venetian glass has been produced for over 1500 years. Murano glass or Venetian glass is a type of glass produced in Venice. It originates from the tiny island of Murano which is the cradle of artistic glassmaking, and these sophisticated ‘glass works of art’ are known all over the world. Most of the distinctive features of Murano Glass were developed in the 13th century, and in the 15th century, craftsmen created ‘cristallo’, which is almost transparent glass, considered the best in the world. In the 16th century, a great deal of proficiency was achieved in adding color to the glass, increasing its transparency. Many new techniques known and used to this day were developed at that time. White glass called lattimo, which looks like porcelain, was also ‘invented’ at that time. Glass-making masters from Italy also created surfaces imitating fish scales or finely cracked panes. They were the first ones to manufacture colored transparent glass and laminated glass. In our store you will find a hand-picked collection of unique, handmade figurines closely resembling the style of Italian Murano Glass, which can become a unique gift for any occasion. Beautiful birds such as glass flamingo, heron and peacock can charm anyone. The glass figurine of sea turtle, swordfish or scalar will please every sea lover, and an elephant or gazelle will be a lovely addition to a colonial interior. Murano-style glass owls can be a beautiful gift for a professor or a student, and a colorful glass elephant with an upwards trunk will bring luck to the recipient. Check out our selection of murano-style figurines.

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