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Art Deco Lamps

Art Deco was created in the interwar period. Its name comes from the French word art and décoratif – decorative. This style had a huge impact on architects, designers, artists, and craftsmen. Art Deco is a luxurious style which focuses on classic forms and meticulous workmanship. It is also associated with gold and silver ornaments, inlays of ivory, precious varieties of wood, metal and glass. Objects should be beautiful and useful at the same time. Art Deco refers to the classical style in almost every aspect. It was in this period that the production of ornamental goods on an industrial scale began. Today, Art Deco is more affordable and is becoming more and more popular in interior design. Above all, it is synonymous with classic luxury. Art Deco interiors are functional, elegant, and harmonious and lamps are an important element of any stylish interior! Our Art Deco lamps are made of polished or oxidized brass. Their shape, eg. Table Lamp in Art Deco Style with Cognac glass shade, is simple and distinctive. Handcrafted lampshades are timeless and fit into many interiors. They are made traditionally, using techniques of three-layer glass and are distinguishable due to their unique and chic colors. We particularly recommend our Woman Silhouette Art Deco Lamps. They are a beautiful reference to figurative art and lamp-sculptures popular in the 20s and 30s. The lampshade in the shape of a fancy flower or a ball makes them charming, and the silhouette of a woman makes adds to the lamps’ decorative qualities in addition to their function.

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