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Golden Table Lamp in Art Deco Style with Green Glass Shade


Art Deco table lamp with a white glass shade.

  • Interesting gift idea, e.g. for a housewarming party.
  • Extra in set: bulb and plug adapter (USA, Canada, Japan, Thailand)
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Step into a realm where the glamour of the past fuses seamlessly with contemporary opulence: the Golden Table Lamp in Art Deco Style with Green Glass Shade. This is not just a lighting piece; it’s a beacon of elegance and luxury in home decor.

Firstly, its Art Deco inspiration is unmistakable. Known for its geometric motifs and symmetrical designs, Art Deco hails from a bygone era of unparalleled aesthetic grandeur. This lamp masterfully encapsulates that legacy, evoking memories of a time when design reigned supreme.

But, it’s the radiant golden base that truly captivates. Not only does it reflect an aura of luxury, but it also pairs impeccably with the green glass shade. Together, they create a visual symphony of color and design, instantly elevating any room’s ambiance. Moreover, the shade’s rich green hue diffuses light in an alluring manner, casting a soothing, yet enchanting glow.

Practically speaking, this lamp is versatile. Whether placed in a study, living room, or bedroom, it stands out, effortlessly becoming a room’s focal point. Additionally, its size ensures it graces any table or desk, complementing both modern and traditional interiors.

Furthermore, the meticulous craftsmanship is evident. Each detail, curve, and contour of the lamp showcases a commitment to quality and design. This dedication transforms it from a mere lighting fixture to an art piece.

Thinking of gifting? This lamp, blending history with luxe design, is a remarkable choice. It’s a gift that doesn’t just illuminate spaces but also infuses them with a sense of history and opulence.

In conclusion, the Golden Table Lamp in Art Deco Style with Green Glass Shade isn’t just about lighting. It’s about celebrating an era, embracing luxury, and making a statement. Enhance your spaces with this beacon of art and elegance.

Lamp is made out of polished brass.

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Weight4 kg
Measurements22 × 22 × 38 cm
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