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Hunting Dagger Richly Decorated with Eagle Head


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The Hunting Dagger Richly Decorated with an Eagle Head stands as a symbol of power and precision, making it a prized possession for hunters and collectors alike. The beautifully crafted handle features an eagle’s head, symbolizing strength and majesty, with attention to detail that brings the figure to life. The blade, made of hardened steel, ensures robust performance in various hunting conditions. The ornamentation extends to the sheath, which is also adorned with motifs that complement the eagle theme. This dagger is more than a tool; it is a piece of art that represents the fusion of functionality and aesthetic appeal. It serves as a perfect gift for those who value the artistry and symbolism associated with hunting and wildlife, offering an elegant yet powerful presence in any collection or as a focal point in home decor.

Personalize your dagger by adding Engraving or a Stand!

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Measurements36 × 8 cm
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