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Competition Awards and Sports Trophies


We invite you to explore our gallery of sports awards and trophies, which are unique distinctions for winners of various contests and sports competitions. Our designs, which have already been executed, can serve as excellent inspiration for creating your own unique order. Our selection includes various types of awards and trophies that are perfect for celebrating achievements in many fields. We offer bronze sculptures that can depict athletes in action – such as cyclists, golfers, or other symbolic figures. Each of these sculptures can be personalized by adding an engraved plaque with a dedication, giving the trophy an additional personal character. Also available are statuettes depicting various professional or occasional figures, such as statuettes of students awarded for social and academic activities, or special statuettes for individuals distinguished in various professional fields. There are also more unusual trophies, such as sabers used in sports competitions, which can be engraved and customized specifically as an award. Every element of such a trophy is precisely made to reflect the uniqueness of the moment and the laureate’s achievements. Our gallery shows how diverse awards and trophies can be, reflecting both the character of the contest and the individuality of the person honored. We invite you to browse our realizations, which can inspire the creation of your own personalized awards, serving not only as a symbol of victory but also as a lasting memento of achievements. Each project is an opportunity for us to show that a distinction can be as unique as the laureate itself.

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