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Tinted Bronze Sculpture Dancer “Thaïs” acc. Chiparus


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The Tinted Bronze Sculpture Dancer “Thaïs” according to Chiparus is an enchanting work of art that captures the spirit of the Art Deco era in a beautifully realized form. This statue, inspired by the Romanian-born artist Demetre Chiparus, exemplifies the elegance and allure of dance, immortalized in high-quality bronze.

Thaïs, an emblematic figure from the opera of the same name, is depicted here in a dynamic dance pose, her arms elegantly outstretched, her body caught in a moment of graceful movement. The sculpture’s tinting enhances the details, giving depth and life to the dancer’s attire and her expressive face.

The quality of craftsmanship in this piece is truly exceptional. Every line, curve, and surface has been meticulously sculpted to create a lifelike representation of Thaïs. The pose, the intricate details of her costume, and the subtle tinting all combine to produce a work of art that’s as much a celebration of dance as it is of sculpture.

In the context of interior design, the Thaïs sculpture can be a striking focal point, whether it’s placed in a living room, a dance studio, or a corporate office. Its timeless elegance, historical relevance, and artistic merit make it an appealing addition to various settings.

The Tinted Bronze Sculpture Dancer “Thaïs” according to Chiparus is not merely a decorative object; it’s a piece of history and a statement of artistic taste. Its ties to both the opera world and the Art Deco movement make it a conversation starter, and its sheer beauty makes it a joy to behold.

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Weight10 kg
Measurements45 × 17 × 34 cm
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