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Set of Two Porcelain Bronze Mounted Blue Parrots Candle Holders


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Discover a symphony of craftsmanship with our ‘Set of Two Porcelain Bronze Mounted Blue Parrots Candle Holders’. In this unique blend, the ethereal charm of porcelain parrots seamlessly fuses with the enduring allure of bronze mounts, promising an art piece that doubles as a functional item.

Each holder begins its journey in the hands of master artisans. Porcelain, chosen for its luminescence and finesse, forms the canvas where the blue parrots come to life. Their vibrant hue is not just a nod to the tropics but an emblem of the depth and complexity of nature itself. Every feather, beak, and curve is rendered with precision, evoking the spirit and vivacity of these birds.

But while the porcelain captures the essence of the parrots, it’s the bronze mounts that anchor them in timeless elegance. These mounts, with their luxurious sheen and durable nature, not only offer stability but also enhance the overall aesthetic. They act as the perfect counterpoint to the delicate beauty of the porcelain, creating a harmonious balance between strength and subtlety.

When paired with the gentle flicker of candles, these holders become more than just decor. The dancing flames, reflecting off both porcelain and bronze, create an atmosphere that’s mesmerizing and inviting.

Perfect for both modern and classic decors, these candle holders are versatile additions to any space. Whether gracing a formal dinner table, accenting a mantle, or acting as a centerpiece, they exude sophistication and charm.

In conclusion, the ‘Set of Two Porcelain Bronze Mounted Blue Parrots Candle Holders’ is not just a purchase—it’s an investment in art, functionality, and timeless design.

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Weight12 kg
Measurements22 × 18 × 50 cm
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