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Gift Set Polish Saber with Crowned Eagle with Scabbard on Brown Board Engraved


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The Gift Set of the Polish Saber with Crowned Eagle is an embodiment of historical elegance, craftsmanship, and national pride. Comprising a distinguished Polish saber adorned with the emblematic Crowned Eagle, a finely-crafted scabbard, and a richly engraved brown board, this set is more than a decorative item. It’s a piece of Polish heritage.

The saber is the centerpiece of this exquisite set. Its hilt showcases the majestic Polish Crowned Eagle, a symbol representing strength and freedom. This revered emblem lends a unique character to the saber, turning it into a piece of art and a symbol of national pride. The blade itself is a marvel of craftsmanship, fashioned from premium materials to mirror the brilliance and strength of the Polish nation.

The accompanying scabbard completes the look, designed to harmonize with the saber’s aesthetic qualities. Its construction is robust yet elegant, serving both a practical purpose and enhancing the overall visual appeal. The interplay of curves, lines, and finishes complements the saber, creating a singular piece that’s both beautiful and meaningful.

However, what truly sets this gift set apart is the engraved brown board on which the saber proudly rests. The rich hue of the wood creates a stunning contrast with the metallic gleam of the saber and scabbard, while the detailed engravings add a layer of intricacy and sophistication. The board can be personalized with special messages or dedications, allowing it to resonate with personal emotions and memories.

The gift set includes:

* officer saber with crowned eagle, scabbard and “God Honor Homeland” engraving
* double wooden board for saber with scabbard in dark brown color
* engraving on display board for saber

ATTENTION! It is possible to make a laser engraving on a saber with your dedication, thanks or wishes. Add an engraving to the saber.

A beautiful saber for enthusiasts of military and melee weapons. Perfect as a decoration in an office or living room. This item is historical, collectible, educational and can be used for film or theater, any kind of official staging organized by groups reenacting historical battles. Made of high carbon steel. Weight, size and length correspond to the original. Each saber is handmade which makes it unique! Add a new item to your collection!

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