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Polish Hussar Saber model 1750 Engraved Vivat Husaria


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The Polish Hussar Saber model 1750, engraved with the inspiring words “Vivat Husaria,” is a remarkable artifact that pays tribute to the valor and tradition of the Polish Hussars, an elite cavalry that left a significant mark on European military history.

Carefully crafted with attention to historical accuracy, this replica saber embodies the spirit of a bygone era. The blade is forged with high-grade steel, ensuring durability and sharpness, while the ornate engravings and intricate designs on the hilt and guard add to its aesthetic appeal. The “Vivat Husaria” engraving resonates with pride, symbolizing a rallying cry that once echoed across battlefields.

The hilt is adorned with traditional motifs and offers a firm grip, providing a comfortable and authentic feel in hand. The scabbard is equally impressive, made with quality materials that complement the saber’s overall appearance.

Not only a decorative piece, but this saber also holds significant cultural and historical value. The Polish Hussars were renowned for their bravery and unique battle tactics. This saber serves as a tangible reminder of their legacy, making it a perfect collector’s item for history enthusiasts, military scholars, or anyone interested in Polish heritage.

In addition, this saber offers practical value for reenactors and historical fencers. Its construction adheres to period-appropriate techniques, ensuring that it’s not just a visual replica but a functional piece that can be used for display or practice.

Whether displayed prominently in a home, office, or private collection, the Polish Hussar Saber model 1750 with its “Vivat Husaria” engraving adds a touch of sophistication and a connection to a rich historical legacy. It’s more than a mere decorative item; it’s a conversation piece, a link to the past, and a symbol of national pride.

*** To order an engraving service of your own inscription, sentence or wishes on the plate, please add the above service in the basket when placing the order. The link to the service is HERE.

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* We do not propagate violence or any ideology.

Weight1.2 kg
Measurements92 cm
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