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Polish Hussar on Horse in a Gift Box with Engraved Dedication


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A beautiful, realistic sculpture depicting the Polish Hussar – a legendary warrior on horseback. Packed in an elegant wooden gift box, lined with red velvet. Made very precisely, with attention to the smallest details. It makes a great aesthetic impression and has a timeless style. It is suitable as a gift for many occasions: for parents, grandparents, friend, boss, military or policeman. Perfect as a patriotic souvenir from Poland for a foreigner.

The figure is made in the full cast technique, from alabaster conglomerate, hand-painted and patinated with bronze, to obtain a metallic gloss and an elegant effect. The figurine is heavy, stable and massive.

Hussars – Polish heavy cavalry belonging to the national heritage. Known for many victories, the cavalry formation of the Commonwealth, present on the battlefields from the beginning of the 16th century to the mid-18th century. It was used to break enemy forces by inflicting decisive blows in the form of charges, which in the most important period of its existence usually ended with victories. Initially, it was light driving, only after Stefan Batory’s reforms did it begin to be transformed into heavy driving. The Hussars rode horses on horses that were specially bred for them and wielded a long lance. To this day, Poles still have an image of a hussar with two wings attached to the back of his armor. However, much more often wings or a wing (usually one was used) were attached to the rear pommel of the saddle. There are several theories that justify the use of wings. The one who sees an element of psychological struggle in feathers or wings seems to be the best justified. In fact, the wings could frighten the enemy’s horses. The fastening of the wings also served as additional protection for the rider on horseback against being cut with a saber from the back and against throwing the lasso on the body and neck, allowing it to be cut.

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Weight4 kg
Measurements26 × 32 cm
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