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Nautical Set Compass Spyglass Hourglass Binoculars in a Wooden Box


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Discover the Maritime Set Compass Spyglass Hourglass Binoculars in a Wooden Box – a complete set of navigation and observation tools for lovers of the sea and sailing. This exclusive set includes a compass, telescope, hourglass and binoculars, each element made with the utmost care and placed in an elegant wooden box. Perfect for naval history enthusiasts, antique collectors and as a decorative addition to any home or office. The set combines traditional aesthetics with functionality, offering not only practical tools, but also unique collectibles. Perfect as a gift that is sure to impress anyone who appreciates classic craftsmanship and maritime adventure.

Telescopes are optical devices that allow you to observe objects from a long distance. Our telescope is the so-called TWSS device, which can also be used for observations. However, due to the close approximation, it is considered a decorative rather than a functional and scientific object. A high, height-adjustable tripod makes it easier to use the telescope.

A compass is a navigational instrument used to determine the direction of a magnetic meridian. It is a decorative rather than a functional-scientific object.

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