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Murano Style Green Face Glass Vase


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Exclusive handmade glass vase in the style of Venetian Murano glass, depicting a face. The decoration on the vase is a classic decoration used by craftsmen from Murano, who add elements of human faces such as eyes, mouths and noses. The second characteristic feature of Murano style vases is their round, organic but also asymmetric shape. This glass vase is made very precisely, with attention to the smallest details. It makes a great aesthetic impression and has a timeless style. Suitable for many interiors.

Murano glass, or Venetian glass, is a type of glass produced in Venice, originally on the island of Murano. Refined products of various colors are famous all over the world. Most of the characteristic features were created in the 13th century. In the 16th century, Venetian craftsmen became very adept at impregnating glass with colors and increasing its transparency, and developed many new decorative techniques known and used today.

This vase is entirely handmade. Despite the great care with which our glass vases are made, it is possible that they may differ slightly from other such vases shown in the photos. This is what makes this item unique. It is an excellent work of art, and dealing with it will give you a lifetime of pleasure.

* All products are carefully selected and packed with great attention to every detail. When purchasing in our store, you are guaranteed the highest quality.

Measurements18.5 × 15.5 × 30 cm
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