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Gold Bronze Sculpture Dancer “Con Brio” by F. Preiss Art Deco


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The Gold Bronze Sculpture “Con Brio” by F. Preiss is a triumphant celebration of the Art Deco period, combining beauty, grace, and energy in a masterpiece that captivates the senses.

Ferdinand Preiss, one of the leading lights of the Art Deco movement, was known for his skillful blending of form and material, and “Con Brio” stands as a testament to his artistic brilliance. The term ‘Con Brio’ translates to ‘with vigor’ or ‘with spirit,’ and this piece perfectly encapsulates those qualities.

This sculpture features a dancer, caught in a moment of vibrant movement. Her body twists gracefully, showcasing the flow and energy of the dance. Her expression is one of focus and joy, mirroring the essence of the music that moves her.

What sets this piece apart is the use of gold bronze, which imbues the sculpture with an ethereal quality. The play of light on the golden surface adds an extra dimension, enhancing the sense of motion and life. The result is a work of art that is not only beautiful to look at but also filled with emotion and vitality.

The Art Deco influence is evident in the lines and forms of the sculpture. There’s a geometric precision and symmetry that speaks to the aesthetics of the era, yet the organic fluidity of the dancer’s form keeps the piece from feeling rigid or mechanical. It’s a delicate balance that Preiss mastered, allowing the viewer to appreciate the technical prowess without losing the soul of the subject.

“Con Brio” is more than just a decorative piece. It’s a conversation starter, a statement of taste and sophistication. It’s suitable for both private collections and public displays, offering a touch of elegance and historical significance.

In the realm of art and interior design, the piece serves as an inspiration, encouraging us to embrace both form and function, style and substance. Its graceful lines and dynamic energy can complement various styles, adding a touch of timeless beauty to any space.

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Measurements26 × 12 × 39 cm
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