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Glass Figurine Murano Style Pike


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The “Glass Figurine Murano Style Pike” is a remarkable piece of art that exemplifies the finesse and innovation inherent in the Murano glass-making tradition. This sculpture portrays the pike, a fascinating fish known for its predatory skills, in a way that’s both realistic and artistically engaging.

The pike is a symbol of strength, agility, and determination. Its sleek form, sharp teeth, and distinctive snout make it a captivating subject for artists. This Murano Style figurine manages to capture the essence of the pike with an extraordinary level of detail and creativity.

Handcrafted by skilled artisans using time-honored techniques, the piece showcases the shimmering scales, dynamic posture, and predatory gaze of the pike. The combination of clear and tinted glass creates a lifelike effect, with each scale and fin meticulously sculpted. The final product is a visual delight, sparkling under the light and creating a focal point in any room or collection.

The “Glass Figurine Murano Style Pike” is more than just a decorative item; it’s a piece of art with a story to tell. The pike’s attributes as a relentless hunter and a symbol of perseverance resonate with many, making this figurine a meaningful addition to homes or offices. It could even serve as an inspiring gift to someone embarking on a new venture or facing a challenging period.

The use of Murano glass elevates this figurine to a level of luxury and exclusivity. Murano glass, originating from the Venetian island of Murano, is renowned for its quality, elegance, and artistic expression. Owning a piece like this is not only a visual pleasure but also a connection to a rich history of craftsmanship and innovation.

Whether placed on a mantle, displayed in a glass cabinet, or integrated into an art collection, the “Glass Figurine Murano Style Pike” is sure to captivate and intrigue. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and yet the complexity of its construction.

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Weight10 kg
Measurements35 × 30 × 77 cm
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