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Glass Figurine Murano Style Colorfull Moon


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Dive into the world of Murano glass with our colorful moon figurine. This Glass Murano Figurine embodies the age-old Italian tradition of glassmaking. Its vibrant swirls capture the essence of moonlit nights, and the detailed craftsmanship showcases the artisan’s precision.

Murano, an island near Venice, has long been famous for its unique glass creations. Our figurine draws inspiration from this rich history. Handcrafted swirls of color make each piece unique. It’s not just a figurine, it’s a work of art.

The shimmering colors change with light angles. They paint a cosmic spectacle, turning any space into a mini-galaxy. It stands as a testament to quality, resisting the world’s shift to mass production.

Collectors of glass art will find this piece irresistible. Its beauty transcends trends and tastes. For interior design enthusiasts, it’s a centerpiece. Its compact size means it fits effortlessly into any space. And its colors blend harmoniously with various decors.

Looking for a memorable gift? This figurine ticks the box. Its universal appeal makes it perfect for various occasions. And every gaze upon it evokes Venetian memories.

Remember, every purchase supports the timeless art of glassmaking. Each figurine carries a slice of Italian history, right into your home. Invest in tradition. Let our Murano-style moon illuminate your space.

* All products are carefully selected and packed with great attention to every detail. Buying in our store you have the guarantee of the highest quality.

Weight4 kg
Measurements26 × 9 × 43 cm
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