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Floor Globe Zoffoli Artico White


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The Zoffoli Artico White Floor Globe is a masterclass in blending design innovation with traditional Italian artistry. This exquisite piece transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, offering an immersive experience that transports viewers across continents and cultures, all within the boundaries of their own space.

The first thing that strikes you about the Artico White is its captivating palette. Unlike traditional globes, it boasts a pristine white backdrop, reflecting modern design sensibilities and ensuring it fits seamlessly within contemporary decor settings. This refreshing shade is more than just aesthetically pleasing—it offers a contrasting canvas that accentuates every detail, from vast continents to intricate territorial lines, allowing for a clear and engaging visual experience.

But the Artico White isn’t just about looks. At its core, it stands as a testament to Zoffoli’s commitment to cartographic accuracy. Every geographical detail has been rendered with meticulous care, ensuring that the globe isn’t just a decorative piece but also an informative educational tool. It invites viewers to embark on journeys of discovery, brushing up on geography, understanding territorial nuances, and appreciating the sheer vastness and diversity of our planet.

The stand of the Zoffoli Artico White Globe is another element that deserves mention. Embodying minimalistic elegance, it provides a sturdy base for the globe, ensuring stability and durability. The sleek design, coupled with high-quality materials, resonates with the overarching theme of modernity, while subtly nodding to the age-old Italian craftsmanship that Zoffoli is renowned for.

To add a dash of functionality, the globe comes with an integrated shelf. This feature is seamlessly woven into the design, offering a convenient space to house books, souvenirs, or other trinkets. It’s these thoughtful details that elevate the Artico White from a mere decorative piece to a holistic decor solution.

* Self-assembly item

The Zoffoli company was founded in 1949 by Italo Zoffoli, who started his craft activity in the center of Rimini. In his workshop, he processed furniture elements, and in his free time, he created unique globes, carving them by hand and using watercolors painted by his daughter. His love for geography meant that over time he created a brand of exclusive products known all over the world.

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Measurements51 × 40 × 101 cm
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