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Falconer on Horse Hunting Bronze Sculpture


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The “Falconer on Horse Hunting Bronze Sculpture” is an exquisite piece of art that celebrates the ancient and noble tradition of falconry. It represents not only a snapshot of a moment in a hunt but the essence of a connection between human, animal, and nature.

Created with remarkable attention to detail, this sculpture features a falconer on horseback, poised with a majestic falcon at the ready. The artist has skillfully depicted the muscles of the horse, the grace of the falcon, and the determination of the falconer, bringing the scene to life with an almost palpable sense of energy and motion.

Bronze, known for its durability and timelessness, has been used to craft this stunning piece. Its deep, rich color lends a traditional feel that adds weight and permanence to the sculpture. The surface is polished to a soft sheen, highlighting the intricate details and providing a tactile appeal.

The piece resonates with symbolism and emotion. Falconry, a practice dating back thousands of years, is more than just a sport. It’s a partnership between human and bird, built on trust and mutual respect. This sculpture captures that partnership, making it a meaningful addition to any collection or interior space.

Moreover, the depiction of the horse adds another layer to the narrative. The horse’s strength and grace are integral to the success of the hunt, and its representation in the sculpture is both realistic and stylized, capturing the essence of this magnificent animal.

Whether displayed in a private collection, an office, or a living room, the “Falconer on Horse Hunting Bronze Sculpture” is sure to captivate attention. It speaks to those with a love for nature, history, and adventure, transcending mere aesthetics to touch something deeper.

As a gift, this sculpture could be a heartfelt gesture to someone passionate about equestrian pursuits or the timeless art of falconry. As a statement piece, it stands as a testament to the craftsmanship and artistry that have gone into its creation.

This sculpture is entirely hand made, using the lost wax method. Despite the great attention with which our bronze sculptures are made, it is possible that this figure may slightly differ from other such sculptures shown on the pictures. Marble, from which the sculpture base is made, is a natural material. Therefore, we will never find two identical pieces. This makes this item even more unique. It is an excellent work, and associate with it gives pleasure for life.

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Weight22 kg
Measurements44 × 25 × 55 cm
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