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Bronze Mounted Porcelain Bowl with Silver Dragonflies


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Dive into an exquisite realm where art meets nature in our ‘Bronze Mounted Porcelain Bowl with Silver Dragonflies’. This piece isn’t just a bowl; it’s a canvas of dreams, craftsmanship, and the ethereal beauty of the natural world.

Beginning with its core material, porcelain, the bowl exudes an aura of timeless elegance. Prized for its delicacy, strength, and luminous sheen, porcelain has been a cherished medium for artisans across eras. Its smooth, polished surface beautifully showcases the intrinsic details and offers a stark backdrop that accentuates the design elements.

The true showstopper of this piece is the meticulously handcrafted silver dragonflies. The choice of the dragonfly isn’t coincidental. Symbolizing change, transformation, and adaptability in various cultures, the dragonfly carries a weight of meaning. Crafted in shimmering silver, these insects seem to alight gracefully on the bowl’s surface, their delicate wings and slender bodies rendered in breathtaking detail. The silver, with its cool luminescence, contrasts poignantly with the warmth of the bowl’s bronze mountings, creating a visual spectacle of color and texture.

Bronze, a material known for its resilience and vintage charm, frames the porcelain, adding layers of strength and character. Its rich patina complements the porcelain’s purity and the silver dragonflies’ glint, marrying the three elements into a harmonious design.

Whether you’re a connoisseur of art, an enthusiast of nature, or simply someone with an eye for unique decorative items, this bowl promises to be a centerpiece in any setting. It speaks not just of luxury, but of a deeper connection to nature and the myriad stories and symbols it carries.

The ‘Bronze Mounted Porcelain Bowl with Silver Dragonflies’ is more than a decorative item. It’s a narrative, a piece of art, and a testament to the magic that happens when man’s creativity intertwines with the wonders of the natural world.

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Weight3 kg
Measurements12 × 12 × 25 cm
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