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Decorative mirrors

In addition to oil painting in richly decorated frames, our assortment also includes beautiful decorative mirrors in the palace, vintage and classic styles. Probably everyone who is interested in interior decoration knows how important it is to skillfully use mirrors or glass panes in rooms. Treatments with the use of such decorations or even entire installations can bring many visual benefits, especially in small apartments. Probably everyone has heard that a large mirror in a small interior optically enlarges it. Instead of a partition wall, the glass pane will give the impression of an open space while maintaining its division into zones. In a dark room, the mirror adds more light by simply reflecting it off its surface. Contrary to appearances, mirrors in the interior fulfill a number of functions that cannot be replaced by any other furniture or decor elements. A properly selected wall mirror not only has a functional function, because we look at it every day, but also has an important decorative task and fills and interestingly arranges an empty wall, for which we may simply lack an idea. In our offer you can find hanging mirrors, free-standing mirrors, small or large, frameless mirrors and ones in richly decorated frames in the palace style. In fact, a mirror is necessary in almost every room: in the hall, bathroom, bedroom or living room. One thing is certain – a well-chosen mirror decorates the space and gives it a unique character.

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