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Oil Paintings

Hand-painted oil paintings in richly decorated golden frames, presenting various topics: rural and urban landscapes, maritime scenes, portraits or still life. Landscape painting is portrayal of nature, rural or urban landscapes. There are so-called veduta – paintings depicting scenes from a city, the so-called marinas, i.e. a sea landscape, often with ships or a port scene, and landscapes with staffage with figures of people and animals. The paintings are painted in a realistic or impressionistic way. In addition, in our store you’ll find abstract paintings modeled after the masters of expressionist painting or cubism. When it comes to painting, we must remember about portraits and still life. Our portraits are kept in the style referring to certain periods in time. They depict individuals or groups, people on horses or paintings of people during everyday activities. Still life is a painting genre that includes compositions most often consisting of small, immobile, and usually inanimate objects, selected in terms of compositional and aesthetic values ​​or symbolism. Artists creating this type of pictures are particularly fond of items such as: fruits, flowers, books, dishes, weapons, hunting instruments, kitchen utensils, smoking utensils, candles, cards and other games, musical instruments, etc. All paintings come with hand-made wooden frames decorated with stucco, painted gold and antiqued.

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