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Emile Galle Style Vases

Exclusive glass vases handcrafted in Émile Gallé style. Émile Gallé was an artist and designer from France. This master of artistic glassmaking in the nineteenth century worked mainly with glass and is considered a revolutionist and an innovator in the French Art Nouveau trend. In addition to creating art from glass, he designed furniture. He’s also the founder of the Nancy Schools. His glass art was based on the ancient technique of the so-called Cameo glass. Cameo glass is a luxurious form of glass made by etching and carving through molten layers of different colored glass for decoration. The technique was first observed in ancient Roman art around 30 B.C. These were non-transparent glass vases, most often black or navy blue with white and cream details depicting scenes from life. Due to fragility of Roman glass, very few such vessels have survived. The best example is the so-called Portland vase from the collection of the British Museum. Examples of cameo glass can also be found in Islamic art from the 9th and 10th centuries. For a long time this technique was forgotten, until Art Nouveau and Secession periods, when it was rediscovered. At that time, classic inspirations were abandoned, and the possibilities of this technique began to be used to decorate vases in Galle style. Those include mainly floral motifs such as Lily, glass vase Hibiscus or Narcissus and animal motifs such as Emile Galle style vase Hummingbird, Elephant, Titmouse or even entire landscapes such as glass vase “Mountain Landscape”. Check out our offer of Émile Gallé vases, which will surely delight you with their uniqueness.

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