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Porcelain Decorative Candle Holders

Fire has accompanied our civilization for centuries, providing light and warmth. In prehistory, it also provided security. Before electricity was invented, it was the only way to illuminate the darkness of the night so that a person could function and work even after sunset. In the former households, life went around the fireplace, where a fire was always burning, to which the whole family was attracted by the smell of cooked food. Great palace halls were lit up in the courts with a large number of candles mounted in richly decorated golden, bronze or brass candelabra. Nowadays, when we have electricity, we no longer need fire. However, it has a dose of romance and that’s why we like to eat exquisite candlelit dinners or sit by the fireplace, and lovers often look each other in the eyes by the subtle candlelight. We would like to encourage you to supplement your interior design with beautiful porcelain candlesticks with sophisticated forms or rich bronze candelabras. One example is a porcelain candlestick with a white and blue parrot made of the highest quality materials. Beautiful colorful parrots, porcelain candlestick with angels, godlings, candlestick with flowers, hand-glazed and painted, can become a stylish and exquisite decoration of many a living room, dining room or bedroom. Our porcelain candlesticks will also add splendor to the stylish interiors of restaurants, hotels, banquet and wedding halls, adding a stylish and romantic setting to each party. Particularly noteworthy is the collection of porcelain candle holders in the form of colorful parrots.

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