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Menorahs and Hanukkahs Judaic Candle Holders

Jewish candlesticks, both menorahs (seven-armed) and hanukkiahs (nine-armed) are among the most important symbols of Jewish culture. Not only are they appreciated by the Jews, but also among interior designers all over the world. These unique candelabra have for centuries been characterized by an incredibly precise workmanship with unparalleled care. In Judaism, the Menorah is considered holy. It is even found in the emblem of Israel as a symbol of Judaism. It is given a lot of space in the Bible. Set in the First Tabernacle and used in the Jerusalem Temple, it also accompanied the Israelites during the Exodus from Egypt. The seven-armed Menorah candle holders are used very often and can accompany a follower of Judaism on travels. It symbolizes light and life, its shape also alludes to the Tree of Life in paradise. The seven arms were to represent understanding, strength, fear of God, divine presence, knowledge, counsel and wisdom. The name menorah can also be used to describe a Hanukkah candlestick. A Hanukkah menorah, also called a hanukkiah, is a nine-armed candelabra lit for the holiday of Hanukkah (Festival of Lights) in Judaism. The Hanukkah lamp has nine arms, as eight represent each of the eight days of the joyous holiday, and the ninth has an important auxiliary role and is called a shamash (servant). Each consecutive day of Hanukkah, one more candle is lit than the previous one so that on the last day eight candles burn. The goal of lighting the lights on the following evenings is to spread the Hanukkah miracle. The ceremony of lighting Hanukkah candles takes place at the White House too. Tradition has it that nine-armed candlestick hannukah should be placed at the main door of the house or on the sill of a window leading to the street so that passers-by can see it. Lighting a Hanukkah candelabra is accompanied by certain traditional songs and blessings. The faithful then eat special dishes, fried in oil in memory of the miracle, and the children receive gifts.

Candle holders as a gift

When would a candlestick be a good gift? There are many reasons and opportunities. The most appropriate, of course, is Hanukkah, celebrated in late November and early December. This is an ideal opportunity to purchase a Hanukkah candlestick for a person of Jewish faith. Smaller candle holders will be ideal for younger family members, so that everyone can light candles on their own. Another great opportunity is the Judaic holiday of Purim, celebrated in late February and early March. On this joyful day, tradition suggests giving gifts to each other. Candelabra can also be a great gift for a person deeply interested in Jewish culture, working for an association, foundation or museum dealing with the topic of the chosen people. To avoid the problems caused by extinguishing candles and hot wax, the best addition to the gift will be an extremely practical candle extinguisher. If you haven\’t found your perfect match among our main gift suggestions, feel free to contact our customer service by chat or email. Our consultants will select and tailor an offer specifically for your needs.

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