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Large Bronze Sculptures Custom Order Decorative Casting Ornaments for the Garden

Phenomenal bronze sculptures of large sizes, casts of large-size figures for individual orders. Modern and classic garden ornaments depicting…

Glass Figurine Murano Style Bull with Engraved Dedication Plate

Amber bull, Murano style figurine made of Venetian glass as an idea for a personalized gift. An aluminum plate with an engraved…

Wooden Double Stand for Saber and Scabbard for Weapon Display

An elegant saber stand with a scabbard, a great addition to any saber. The possibility of placing an engraved plate on the stand…

Wooden Decorative Swirl Cane with a Silver Ball Laser Engraving Dedication

A great gift for seniors, a wooden decorative cane with an engraved dedication – a nickname. Personalized…

Engraving on Saber Dedication Gift for Corporal Completion of Border Guard Training

A beautiful engraving placed on the saber scabbard, dedication to the corporal to commemorate the completion…

Exclusive Walking Cane with Nymph and Engraved Dedication 70th Birthday Gift

A wooden walking cane with a gilded handle in the shape of a sculpture of a nymph, as a seventieth birthday gift…

Diplomas with Engraving in a Wooden Gift Case on the Occasion of the Jubilee of Work

Beautiful engraved diplomas with a dedication as awards, business gifts on the occasion of the jubilee of work at the Hitachi Energy…

Engraved Diploma for 50th Work Jubilee from the Coca-Cola Team

An engraved plate with a dedication, a beautiful diploma on a wooden board as a gift on the occasion of the 50th jubilee…

New Arrivals


Luxurious home decorations


Our online store with exclusive home decorations was established out of passion and love for interior design, meeting the aesthetic needs of customers and as a proposal for everyone looking for a timeless style and unique atmosphere combined with excellent quality products. Convinced of the constantly developing need to beautify interiors, we pay more and more attention to the harmony, beauty and mood of surroundings in which we and our clients live and function: home, office or public buildings.

That is why in our online store with exclusive home decorations you will find a wide range of products that will perfectly complement any interior and provide a unique atmosphere. We offer:

– bronze sculptures and figurines,
– porcelain and glass products and decorative vases,
– decorative lamps for home and office – kept in the aesthetic of: Art Deco, Murano glass, office, stained glass, loft,
– oil paintings,
– Polish sabers,
– garden furniture and sculptures,
– collectible metal models of motorcycles, cars, and airplanes
– luxurious wooden ship models
– exclusive chess sets
– interesting accessories for decorating a house, apartment, or garden in vintage style,
– items for decorating public spaces, hotels, restaurants and other facilities.

The items and accessories from our store are largely classic and vintage, which does not mean that they do not fit any other type of interior. All of them are perfect for decorating both modern and classic rooms. They are selected carefully with attention to the smallest detail, and many of them have a collector’s value. In addition to original design, you also receive a guarantee of the highest quality craftsmanship. A wide range of products can also become an inspiration and help you choose an original gift for a birthday, anniversary, wedding or for a housewarming party.

We are focused on high quality and trying to expand by constantly enriching our inventory with new items. On special request, we also provide saber engraving services. In response to the suggestions and needs of our customers, we systematically expand the group of satisfied and regular customers.


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