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Ready-made gift sets with sabers

Although the saber is a melee weapon with its roots in Asian lands, it gained immense popularity among the nobility in Poland. This led to the rise of veneration of it among the Sarmatians, who considered the saber the only worthy weapon for themselves. Until the 19th century, the Polish saber was considered a symbol of tradition, Sarmatism and the greatness of the origin of the Polish nobility. The oldest type of Polish saber appeared during the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth during the reign of Stephen Bathory. In Polish culture, the saber has a meaning that goes beyond being an ordinary weapon. Until now, the saber has survived as a symbol of bravery and one of the most iconic Polish cold weapons. Ready-made gift sets with a saber include parade and decorative weapon hand-made by blacksmiths and, depending on the set, additionally a scabbard, a wooden board, a wooden chest, a stand and an engraved plate with a dedication. The sabers are historical, collectible, educational and can be used for film or theater, any kind of official staging organized by groups recreating historical battles. These sabers are an ideal patriotic present for a person with Polish roots. A souvenir from Poland could remind them of the history of their family. It is also a perfect form of a birthday gift for a father, boss or co-worker, especially for a military and melee weapon enthusiast. In addition, an engraved dedication, wishes or thanks are a beautiful way to personalize a gift. Placing congratulations or a valuable quote will add a lot of originality to the gift.

On what occasion do we buy a saber as a gift?

There are many reasons and opportunities to buy a saber as a present, the most appropriate is probably the officer promotion ceremony or military graduation. But sabers are also suitable as gifts for history lovers or military fans on their birthday or retirement. They are also suitable as a gift for the boss, the professor or even the priest. The present for the manager or president as a gratitude for many years of cooperation will certainly be appreciated. Other opportunities may include congratulations on moving up the career ladder, business trips or jubilee anniversaries in the workplace. Soldiers often present themselves with sabers on the occasion of promotion or termination of military service, thanking a colleague or superior for merits. It will also be a perfect gift for a policeman, for example on the occasion of the Peace Officers Memorial Day on May 15. Equally often, particularly courageous firefighters are given gifts such as an original Polish saber. A wonderful gift for a retiring officer or commandant. If you have not found your ideal offer among our main proposals of ready-made sets with sabers for a gift for a birthday, retirement or promotion, please contact our customer service by chat or e-mail. Our consultants will select and match the offer specifically to your needs.

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