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Murano Style Vases

Nowadays, many things ‘befit’ us, and going beyond the usual patterns is welcome, even desirable in some circles. Why not give someone a vase instead of flowers? Especially if it is a beautiful, hand-made Murano-style vase, the form, and colors of which are reflected in many flowers. A vase that is not only beautiful but also functional. A vase with a variety of colors so enchanting and playful, they create a different look on each side. A vase that is a work of art and there is no other vase like this one! Seemingly universal and practical, the exclusive Murano-style vases are very decorative and fit in many interiors. They will add color and character to any space, whether a modernist living room, a bedroom styled after the 60s, or a classic dining room.  The vases we offer come not only in traditional shapes such as glass vase ‘Rainbow’ and ‘Classic’, but also sculptural forms, sometimes abstract, such as ‘Volcano’ and ‘Laguna’, or vases decorated with simple drawings of human faces, referring to tribal art. Murano glass, or Venetian glass, is a type of glass produced in Venice, originally on the island of Murano. Sophisticated products of various colors are known all over the world. In order to resolve the dispute over the name, we would like to clarify that all handmade items and utensils made from colored glass and using a similar technique are generally called Venetian Glass. Only those made on the island of Murano can be called Murano Glass. Check out our offer of handmade Murano-style vases.

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