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Gifts for Doctors and Nurses

Healthcare has always been concerned with our health and the lives of our loved ones. People working there are mainly associated with professionalism and heroism, trying to save human life with all their strength. We have been dealing with medicine since ancient times, the best example of which should be Hippocrates, a Greek physician considered to be the forerunner of medicine. In recent years, due to the global situation, the topic of underestimating health care workers has increased significantly, along with the amount of work that doctors and nurses have to face during a pandemic. Healthcare workers have been at the forefront of the fight for our health and safety for many months. Therefore, gifting healthcare professionals has become more popular in recent times. What, then, should I choose as a gift for a medical worker? In order to choose such a gift correctly, one must first of all think about the occasion for which it is given. The World Health Organization has been operating for over 70 years and every year, on the anniversary of its establishment, on April 7, we celebrate World Health Day. A bronze sculpture of the Rod of Asclepius, a symbol of medicine, will be a perfect gift for any member of the medical staff for this occasion. However, not everyone knows that on March 30th each year is also celebrated as the National Doctors’ Day. An excellent gift idea for this occasion can be a figure of Hippocrates, the father of medicine with engraved dedication. This sculpture can also serve as an elegant decoration for a hospital or clinic. If you are looking for a gift for a person who has just graduated from medical studies, we recommend an engraved diploma in a wooden case, or an engraved plate with a dedication. An interesting proposition for a recognized doctor will be an exclusive globe-shaped alcohol bar, gilded with 22 carat gold. However, doctors are not the only ones working in health care. We cannot forget about the nurses or midwives for whom a Murano-style or Emile Galle-style vase could be the perfect gift. Other important employees are also paramedics, for whom a memorial sign with thanks or wishes would be the perfect gift. Recently, the services of a physiotherapist have gained in popularity, and it is worth thanking for rehabilitation with an original gift, such as a modernist figure of a gymnast.

On what occasion to buy a gift for a healthcare professional?

There are many occasions to give a gift to healthcare professionals, starting with World Health Day, through numerous promotions on the career ladder. In addition, we provide assistance in choosing the right gift for medical staff for birthdays or farewells for retiring physicians, as well as individual thanks from grateful patients thanking them for a successful operation. Pharmacists are usually less appreciated, although their work is equally important, which is worth mentioning with a gift. Paramedic is also one of the professions deserving amazing recognition, which should be rewarded with a gift. More and more young people graduate from dental studies and become dentists, in which case parents often want to give their descendants unusual gifts. Equally often people are looking for a gift for their physiotherapist friend, or for successful gymnastic treatments. Another opportunity to present a gift is a form of congratulations on the opening of a new medical facility. These are just some of the reasons for awarding doctors for their dedication and strength by handing out grateful gifts and souvenirs that they will surely remember for many years to come. If you haven\’t found your perfect offer among our main propositions for a healthcare worker for a birthday, retirement or promotion, please contact our customer service by chat or email. Our advisers will select and tailor the offer specifically to your needs.

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