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Tiffany Style Lamps

Louis Comfort Tiffany was active at the beginning of the 20th century and went down in the history as the creator of the first stained glass lamps. Today’s stained glass lamps are named after him. His exclusive lamps were decorated primarily with plant and animal motifs (mostly birds) and insects. Currently, the choice is much larger, we choose what colors and motifs that will be on the lamp and adapt it to the style of the interior. The play of light passing through many colors in the stained-glass lampshade is amazing and creates a unique atmosphere in the room. Today, original lamps made by Tiffany himself or his students at the beginning of the 20th century can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars and are a real treat for a true connoisseurs of applied art. We are pleased to offer you beautiful Tiffany-style lamps that will bring originality and character to your interior. We are confident that the table lamps in this collection are original accessories which will surely complete many interiors. They are made of exclusive materials, very precisely with attention to the smallest detail. Stained glass lamps will surely be a good fit not only for your home, but also for your office, a stylish hotel or a restaurant. Tiffany lamps will work in both large and small spaces, thanks to their various sizes, they differ from 30 cm to even 80 cm. They can become a great decorative and functional addition to the living room or bedroom, as well as in the hall or an elegant dining room.

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