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Pendant Lamps

We can safely say that ceiling lamps are present in every apartment or house. Arranging the interior without hanging lamps would certainly be more difficult. This is due to their universal character, they can be the main or complementary lighting for a room, hall or kitchen, functional lighting e.g., in the dining room above the table, or simply decorative lighting. Many people wonder at what height should decorative lamps be hung, be it in the living room, over the table or the kitchen island. The rules are quite simple. First of all, the lamp cannot cover the other person sitting at the table or be in the way. If it is functional lighting, the light from a ceiling lamp should illuminate the island or tabletop. For those who need to know specific numbers, the optimal height at which we should hang the lamps is 80-100 cm above the table. And what if there’s no table? Then 2 meters above the floor should be enough to illuminate the room properly and for anyone to not bang their head on it. In our store you will find hanging lamps made in the style of Italian Murano glass. Beautiful, sophisticated and colorful lampshades were hand-made by masters of artistic glass-making from Italy. They hang on adjustable metal chains with vintage bindings. Our decorative hanging lamps will make great decorations for an eclectic interior. They are an interesting alternative to the monochrome pieces proposed by most companies and designers.

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