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Murano Style Lamps

Most people probably associate Murano with glass figurines from Italy. Those more adept at decorating interiors will also say that Murano glass is also often seen in vases. What if we add that lamps can also be made of Murano Glass? Murano Glass or Venetian Glass is a type of glass produced in and around Venice, and originally on the tiny island of Murano. The island has long been hailed as the cradle of artistic glazing, the sophisticated products made there are renowned, and Italian crystal glass is considered to be the best in the world. No wonder, as Murano art masters have been handing over the secrets of art glassmaking for almost 1,500 years! In our Murano style lamps collection you will find hanging lamps and table lamps. All glass lampshades are handmade. Despite the great care with which they are created and the enormous experience of glaziers, there are no two identical pieces which makes them even more special. What sets aside out Murano-style table lamps are the fancy shapes of the lampshades and sophisticated colors. We especially recommend you check out Safari and Laguna lamps. The play of light in these colorful elements of the glass is amazing. Each of those elements changes depending on light, whether in the evening or during the day, creating a unique impression. The natural, irregular shape of the lampshade and embedded decorations characterize Murano-style hanging lamps such as Pansy, Color or Bell. Check out our collection of Murano-style lamps.

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