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Loft Lamps

The loft style, also known as industrial style, is characterized by large spaces, minimalism, and austerity. It was developed to utilize large areas and to create spacious apartments in places where factories or warehouses used to be. Rooms are usually huge, divided only by a few cantilevers, they have large windows and high ceilings. Mezzanines are often built there in order to create even more living space. There is a lot of natural light because of the large windows. Walls are often left in raw concrete or exposed brick. All installations and ceiling beams are also visible. It is good if the floor is left raw – bare concrete or covered with epoxy resin. Those who want to warm up the atmosphere a bit will opt for hardwood flors. Glass, wood, metal, and concrete fit into industrial interiors. The loft-style interior is usually furnished with a few designer pieces. Decorative accessories cannot be too small because they simply will not be visible and will not fulfill their function which is why our loft-style lamps in the form of raw, wooden tripods with metal fittings and chains match the characteristics of this style flawlessly and will complement any industrial space and more. Lampshades made of fabric will also match other interiors with their warm, diffused light. The colors are universal and timeless – white, black, burgundy, and gold.

The premiere of the collection of loft lamps soon !!!

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