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Gallery Wall Lamps

Our interiors would not be the same if it not for various types of decorations. They make the interior one of a kind and unique. One of the most interesting decorative elements are various types of paintings, posters or photos, which allow you to decorate our walls without interfering in the structure of the house too much, such as wallpapers. When we finally choose our long-sought painting, simply hanging it on the wall is not enough. To fully enjoy the advantages of such decoration, it is worth to take care of proper lighting. This is where Gallery Lamps come in handy. We offer classic, adjustable, one or two-point lamps for illuminating pictures. Their simple but elegant luminaires are made of the highest quality material – brass. They come in three types of finishes that perfectly match many arrangements. These are: polished brass – that is simply gold, oxidized brass – antiqued, fits perfectly with retro and industrial styles, chrome-plated brass – elegant, polished silver color. In order for the lamp to fulfill its role, it is also worth to remember a few rules. Rule number 1- the light falling on the picture should be 3 times brighter than the main light in the room. Rule number 2- the light angle should be around 30 degrees, to accentuate the texture you can subtract 5 degrees and to avoid the large frame casting a shadow you can add 5 degrees. Rule number 3- it is best to use led bulbs as they generate little ultraviolet radiation and heat which is of great importance for the durability of artwork.

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