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Floor Lamps

What lamps should we choose for our house or apartment? It should certainly be a stylish and functional focused light that can be used in all rooms as the main source of light, often mounted in suspended ceilings. However, such solution will not provide us with mood lighting, or typically functional lighting e.g., at the desk or in the bedroom next to the bed. In addition to hanging lamps, plafonds, table lamps and office lamps, floor lamps certainly deserve attention. Floor lamps have a special place in the minds of professional interior designers, every person who is passionate about interior design or in the mind of a hobbyist with passion for beautiful and appealing design. Our floor lamps are kept in loft style. Their raw, wooden tripods with metal fittings and chains perfectly fit into the characteristics of this style and will complete any industrial space. Universal color of fabric used for lampshades will also match other styles, providing warm, diffused light. Floor lamps perfectly balance the interior with their vertical structure. Depending on the bulbs used, they will provide characteristic dimmed light, perfect for quiet, long evenings spent in the privacy of our own home, or a typical functional light, useful for reading and such. You can also see hefty floor lamps in large, modernly furnished spaces, with a lampshade hanging on an arm stretching above the dining table. Check out our assortment of floor lamps.

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