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Samurai katanas

Katana is the most famous Japanese sword in Eastern culture. In the land of the cherry blossom, they have a history dating back to the 7th century AD. The artistic beauty of Japanese swords consists of three factors: the structure of the sword, the blades and the hilt and patterns on it as well as other elements of the weapon. From ancient times, they were considered swords mainly used for fighting. The people who created them had a different opinion. They saw in this saber not only a weapon, but also an artistic work, so they decorated it with beautiful patterns – both the swords themselves and their accessories. Japanese sabers are one of the most recognizable symbols of the land of the rising sun. Katana is a slender, curved, one-sided sword with a round or square sheath and a long handle, which allows you to hold the weapon in both hands. It is strongly related to the history of Japan, with the samurai times. It was created because the Japanese needed faster and more precise melee weapons. Katanas and samurai sabers, Japanese swords are perfect as a form of a more exotic decor, inspired by far east culture. The Japanese katana, also known as the training samurai sword, can also be used for light and basic training of cutting strength. The variety of versions and ornaments of Japanese swords makes it a perfect gift or decoration for a fan of local history or culture. The multitude of decorations on the sword will amaze everyone interested in Far East Asian traditions. It can be used as a birthday, promotion or boss gift. All decorative models are made according to tradition and Japanese rules.

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