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Decorative and training sabers

The saber is a weapon strongly associated with the Polish nation and for good reason, because it has gained immense popularity in this country due to the Polish nobility. Some might even think that these melee weapons come from Poland, but nothing could be further from the truth. The first sabers were found in ancient Persia, Egypt, Assyria and China. Its origin is generally referred to as Central Asia. It appeared in Europe in the Middle Ages, during the migration period, although it had to wait a long time for its glory days. It began to gain popularity only in the fourteenth century in Hungary and Kievan Rus, from where it spread throughout Europe. This easily explains the variety of sabers we encounter. Cossack sabers, Prussian sabers, French sabers or even US sabers are the result of the spread of these weapons all over the world. Today, of course, sabers are no longer used in combat, but they can be an amazing, original, delightful addition to the interior design. Some of them, such as vintage Cossack sabers and vintage Prussian sabers, are perfect for classic-style interiors, because they are themselves made to look aged. Meanwhile, US sabers resemble weapons from more recent times, because the United States itself is quite a young country. Saber replicas are historical, collectible, educational and can be used for film and theater, various official stagings recreating historical battles. They are perfect gifts for fans of history and military, a good gift for the boss or a gift for Father’s Day. We also recommend checking our offer of Polish sabers.

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