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Collector’s Melee Weapons

In the old days, melee weapons were used by man to fight. Today, with the development of technology, the appearance of all kinds of firearms or combat drones, it has lost its share in the war and its use for combat purposes is rare. However, it has gained many new functions. In addition to being used in various historical stagings, it has also become an amazing decorative or collector’s item. More and more often we can see it chosen as a gift for the boss or for a birthday. Sabers, swords, katanas and dirks are enriched with beautiful boards or stands to make them look better, and laser-engraved dedications make such a gift received with greater excitement. Decorative swords that you can find in our offer are unique, from a unique replica of the Polish coronation sword – Szczerbiec, through the sword of Alexander the Great, to a sword full of symbolism related to the United States. We also recommend all kinds of cavalry sabers from the USA as a gift for a patriot. Fans of far east culture will surely enjoy the Japanese katana, a beautiful decorative samurai sword on a special stand with a scabbard. Some weapons, such as the hunting sword, are also enriched with beautiful forest and animal motifs, making it an ideal gift for a hunter or forester. Each of the weapons can be additionally personalized through a special laser engraving with the sentence of your own choice. It will only complement the perfect gift for a fan of history or military, for whom the weapon itself will be an amazing change in the interior of the room. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our wide range of collector’s white weapons.

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