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Candle Holders and Candelabras

Fire is certainly one of the most important discoveries of mankind. It has accompanied man since prehistoric times, providing both light and warmth. Our ancestors, who lived in a time without electricity, could only rely on fire at night. In former homesteads, the whole family life revolved around well-lit places, with a fire providing warm food, but also visibility during the night hours. The first candlesticks appeared in pre-Roman times, accompanying our civilization until today. Even though fire is not as important today as it used to be, we still like the smell of candles, and the sight of a flame can be reassuring. Richly decorated decorative candle holders also contain a bit of romance and impresses us incessantly. Today, one of the most important functions of candlesticks is the decorative one, which is why many of them, like those in our offer, are very richly decorated. They often emphasize the atmosphere of the interior adding elegance and style, as well as create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Some of them are also of great religious importance, such as the Menorah and the Hanukkiya. One of the most appreciated are porcelain candlesticks, which are perfect among elements of classic decor. The perfect gift accessory to each candle holder will be an original elegant candle extinguisher that you will find in our offer. The warm candlelight from the candle holder will certainly help to create a romantic atmosphere during a tender dinner for two. It will also help to calm down and soothe the nerves after a busy day. To light up and warm up the entire room, we advise you to place several candlesticks in many different places in your home. Such decoration is perfect for the living room, dining room, hall or the hallway. It is worth placing them next to paintings or mirrors, which can also be found in our offer.

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