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Women Bronze Sculptures

‘You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life’ said Coco Chanel. Women have always been an inspiration for artists, be it poets, painters, or sculptors. Women were the muses who either inspired them or drove them crazy. We will even risk saying that since the dawn of time women have been a fundamental topic in every kind of art. After all, the first figurines of women come from prehistory, specifically from the Paleolithic era! There are many representations of women in art, from extremely precise studies of the female anatomy, through more impressionistic works related to the mood of the artist or the model portrayed, to abstraction in modern art. It’s a timeless theme. That is why we wish to introduce you to our selection of beautiful bronze sculptures of women. The sculptures will fit many different home spaces, the classic ones, but also the eclectic ones, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, glamour, and modern interiors. Our offer includes female nudes, ancient goddesses, angels, dancers and gymnasts, fairies and nymphs, violinists, historical heroines and warriors. We recommend you check out our subtle sculptures of ballet dancers which despite the use of such heavy material as bronze, are presented with the grace and lightness of a butterfly. See also our numerous portrayals of revue dancers in the Art Deco style. The beautiful sculpture ‘Mother with a baby’, with an engraved inscription, can become an unforgettable gift for a new mom, and a series of modernist sculptures of women will elevate any modern interior of a home, hotel or restaurant.

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