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Religious Bronze Sculptures

What is religious art? The term is hard to define. It’s artwork connected to religion, faith and spirituality in the broadest understanding of those words. The most common definition is art which is closely related to ‘sacrum’ which comes from latin and means a holy object. Often times, religious art is intertwined with the secular, i.e. profane. What sets them apart is mostly spirituality and emotionality, shown through religious symbols and archetypes. Sacred art was created long before secular art, and the first artworks include, for example, magical objects for rituals related to tribal beliefs. Music, songs, and ritual dances created to tame supernatural forces and inconceivable phenomena are also examples of old secular art. Nowadays, religious art is associated mainly with architecture and temples, decorating them with sculptures or paintings showing God or saints, as well as with music and liturgical songs. The first religious artworks come from the prehistoric times. There is a number of cave paintings preserved in French Lascaux and in Africa. We present you a variety of religious bronze sculptures depicting God, Mary and Jesus and figures from the Bible, such as David defeating Goliath. Here you’ll find bronze sculptures of Jesus in several sizes, to be attached to a tomb or to a roadside cross, they can also be installed church or in a chapel. We recommend you check out the beautiful bronze religious sculpture of the Virgin Mary and the gold-polished bronze figure of Christ the Redeemer, modeled on the one from Rio de Janeiro.

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