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Modernist Bronze Sculptures

Modernism is a period in the history of art when artists started to look for new standards and started to reflect on the language of art. They began experimenting and using new materials and techniques. This was closely related to development of technology. Modern art was founded on rationalism, liberalism, and the idea of ​​progress. Today, no one is surprised by a faceless bust or a strangely contorted figure not resembling a woman but named Venus. On the contrary! We are impressed by great sculptures, which are often only a reference to a person or an object and which make us reflect, trigger certain reactions in us or even urge us to take specific actions. In the category of modernist bronze sculptures, we have collected interesting examples of modern art. They refer to movements that began to appear in art from the mid-nineteenth century, such as: cubism, futurism and dadaism, surrealism and expressionism. We particularly recommend the modernist bronze sculpture inspired by the futuristic work of Umberto Boccioni entitled ‘Unique Forms of Continuity in Space’ or a fantastic representation of an Indian shooting a bow. Another amazing modernist work of art is the figure of the violinist, where the artist focuses mainly on the instrument, limiting the figure itself only to head and hands. We also recommend a series of modernist animal sculptures, e.g. a bull, a jaguar or a horse that will certainly meet the expectations of modern art lovers.

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