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Large Bronze Sculptures

Large bronze sculptures are carefully selected statues with various themes. This category contains sculptures which are approximately 50 cm high and weigh 10 or more kilograms. Big and stable, made with precision on marble base or without it- the sculptures can be mounted directly on the ground. If you’re looking for elegant garden decorations, you’ll find them right here. We have a rich selection of big bronze sculptures made using the lost wax method. Wide range of themes allows for decorating both the interior and the outdoor spaces. Classic sculptures inspired by ancient history and mythology. We offer sculptures of gods and goddesses, angels, heroes, historical figures, musicians and composers, dancers, athletes, or acrobats and more are only a part of our assortment. The big bronze Themis sculpture can be a beautiful addition to a court building. A 14-year-old ballerina sculpture inspired by Edgar Degas’ artwork can decorate halls of a school of fine arts or a ballet theater. A big sculpture of Ludwig van Beethoven will be a great fit for a music school or philharmonic. Other big bronze sculptures including angels, horses, eagles, or lions can be used to decorate gardens of manors or palaces as well as private mansions kept in classical style. The beautiful ‘Four Seasons’ line will be a good fit for a wedding venue or a hotel lounge. We also offer a wide range of big, abstract sculptures ot modernist bronze sculptures of people and animals. Discover our selection of big bronze sculptures.

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