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Hunting Bronze Sculptures

Men have been hunting for ages. After gathering, hunting was the oldest occupation of the primitive man, who became a hunter involuntarily, because it was the only way to obtain meat. Hunting in art also began to appear in prehistory as rock paintings in caves. With time, hunting became a luxurious privilege reserved for people from the high class such as rulers, priests, or the royalty. Kings would employ hunters or falconers who hunted with birds of prey. The act of hunting was often shown in painting or sculptures by many artists who had ties to the king’s court. Of course, the prey would change over time. In Europe people would hunt aurochs, bisons, deer, does, elks, wild boars, hares, foxes and even bears. Today, the theme of hunting is still present in art. Hunting enthusiasts often surround themselves with hunting-themed items on a daily basis. Casts of bronze hunting sculptures are, next to paintings, one of the most effective and popular forms of presenting this subject. In our shop you will find numerous examples of wonderful sculptures showing scenes of hunting, hunters on horses, with falcons or with dogs, and many representations of wild animals especially liked by hunters. Sculptures we offer are a perfect decoration or a great idea for a gift for a hunting enthusiast. We particularly recommend works with scenes of game and dog fights, deers, showing old-time hunters with hounds or a bronze hunting sculpture – the goddess Diana – the patroness of hunting.

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