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Music competition, dance competition, poetry competition, spelling bee, science competition or the Olympics. The common denominator for all of those is rivalry among people who are specialists in their fields and crowning the winner for his or her accomplishments.  First written sources trace back to 776 BC which was the year first games took place. Since then, they were held every four years until the year 393 until when the emperor Theodosius the Great banned it. Contrary to popular beliefs, the name comes from the four-year period between the games and not from the place of origin- Olympia. In the ancient times, the Olympics were held in honor of Zeus and during that time Olympia became a famous center for sports and culture on the Peloponnese peninsula. During the celebration of the games, an Olympic Truce was enacted to stop wars at that time. The winners of each competition would get a prize of an olive wreath and enjoyed great recognition and admiration from the people. The games linked sport with Greek culture, and physical effort with artistic expression. Athletes competed to the sounds of music and recited poetry. Sculptors would oftentimes immortalize athletes during take-off or triumph in their works. Discover our selection of hand-picked bronze sculptures. They can be personalized with an inscription and will make a beautiful and exclusive award for athletes, musicians, and winners of many other competitions.

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