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Erotic Bronze Sculptures

The word ‘erotica’ comes from Greek ‘eros’ which means love. In art, erotica is closely related to sensualism. It’s also often seen as vulgar or too sexual which leads to mistaking it with pornography. Works of art with an erotic theme are literary works, photographs, sculptures, or pictures showing sensuality and love. What sets them apart from pornography is that the artworks are more figurative although these boundaries are often consciously blurred by artists. Sappho is considered to be the first artist to use the erotic theme in her artworks. She wrote poems about love, longing and jealousy to the music played on lyre. Artworks depicting naked people or people performing sexual acts were common in the ancient times. The most famous work on love, with numerous illustrations, is the Kamasutra, which was created at the beginning of our era in India and is described by specialists as a philosophical work. One of the manifestations of erotica in art are nudes, i.e. the representation of a naked human body, based on the study of a living model. Over the centuries nudes have become the basic subject of sculpture and since the Renaissance, it has become a permanent theme in the work of artists and in the consciousness of art recipients. Check out our collection of erotic bronze sculptures, where you can find both subtle and delicate female and male nudes, as well as the more daring bronze sculptures. We specifically recommend the beautiful bronze erotic sculpture ‘Angel and Psyche’ inspired by the work of Antonio Canova.

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