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Classic Bronze Sculpture

Our assortment of classic bronze sculptures has been handpicked by our interior stylist. Figures of various shapes and sizes, inspired by mythology or popular works of great artists are made using the lost wax casting method. They fit not only in classic interiors, but are also a great match for eclectic, Art Deco and Art Nouveau interiors, and even modern and minimalistic interiors. Our classic bronze sculptures will elevate a room or an office, a lounge, a patio or the garden. Various topics offer many possibilities of use. We offer classical sculptures inspired by ancient works and mythology, e.g. gods and goddesses, angels, heroes and historical figures. They come in all sizes, from small, several centimeters to large, even 80 cm high. Here you’ll find many ideas for exclusive gifts for doctors and pharmacists, judges and lawyers, historians, and people who are interested in art. Sculptures based on great classics like ancient ‘Venus de Milo’, the figure of David according to Michelangelo or the mannerist sculpture of Mercury inspired by the work of Giambologna from Florence are particularly noteworthy.  When it comes to modern art, we recommend a wonderfully made ‘Thinker’ modeled on the great work of Auguste Rodin from the Rodin Museum in Paris. Those interested in history will surely be delighted by the incredibly realistic sculpture of ‘Napoleon crossing the Alps’, inspired by an oil painting by Jacques-Louis David.

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